Historic Restoration

Over the years at Hesp Jones & Co Ltd we have been asked to advise on many types of work which involves the restoration or rejuvenation of an original design or reinstatement of an original piece of artwork.

We let our work speak for its self, and do not like to make a song and dance about the work we have done. If the artwork or design is well known, we feel it would be improper to draw attention to the client or the project in hand.

Some time ago, along with several other leading specialist decorators and restorers, we were given the opportunity to submit samples of our work for the privilege to work at St. Paul’s Cathedral. After much deliberation we were chosen to commence the restoration. Our "Once in a lifetime" project commenced and the arduous job of historic research was set in motion. After almost fifteen months of research and development of finishes, pigment shading and designs we were ready to start work at our most challenging commission. Working at great heights from scaffolding platforms, as did the original artists, we started out on an eighteen month project. Our remit was to fully restore the tamber of dome to an original finish which meant many hours of work resulting in the view that can be seen today.

Fluted designs were reinstated in the detail to give a more complex and sophisticated view of the dome from below, none of which had been seen for many years. Several trompe l'oeil decoration techniques were used to restore the stunning views, fooling the eye and re creating James Thornhills orignal designs in the heights of the dome. Our work was focused to recreate the original intentions of the dome's designer, views hidden over the years by the ravages of time. Now seen and photographed by millions the world over, Hesp & Jones are humbled to have been able to devote their efforts in sustaining a small part of our national heritage.